Cheap & Affordable Swiss Made Automatic Watches Brands in 2019

Even among the zealous collector community, watch enthusiasts are a particularly obsessive breed. Unlike art or wine,swiss automatic watches are functional objects and practical tools for daily life. Some even test the limits of human ingenuity, technology, and craft.Collectors of watches tend to treat their hobby as a serious pursuit, pragmatically setting parameters to guide them in assembling personal caches. When they encounter like-minded enthusiasts, even from far-flung backgrounds with different perspectives and goals, they inherently share a bond and, for some, an insatiable appetite for the thrill of the hunt and the next big score.

Today, more than half of the total of all luxury swiss automatic watches are from Switzerland. In terms of their craftsmanship, sometimes it’s just a subtle difference that distinguishes this group of watch manufacturers from one another. This is also usually why most people don’t make a decision for or against a watch brand based solely on a set of objective criteria but more because of “soft” factors such as the public image that’s connected with a Swiss watch manufacturer.

Even more subjective is the following list of the Top 10 automatic swiss watches brands. Join us as we take you on a brief trip to the epicentre of mechanical watchmaking. This journey won’t just take us to the watch metropolis Geneva: a city that two of the most famous and renowned brands call home. It will also lead us to the less populated valleys of Switzerland, where there are almost as many watchmakers as there are inhabitants.

Swiss Made Automatic Watches