The Best Automatic Watch You Can Buy 2019

Best automatic watches mark a step up in both engineering and price, but what justifies the added expense? Do you really get what you pay for with an automatic watch and is it possible to own a good one for less than the price of a week in Ibiza?

Well, yes actually, on all counts. Assuming you invest in a decent one, your best automatic watches will be the only possession to last your lifetime and potentially another beyond it. Just a little TLC will mean your wristwatch can tick forever – its timeworn technology safe from obsolescence, unlike that shiny new smartphone. Based on the 200-year-old technological principle of a winding spring powering a carefully ratio-ed gear train, to which the hours, minutes and seconds hands are attached, as long as it’s maintained, it will not stop ticking.

Best automatic watches are the watches that were used on battlefields. However, nowadays people wear field watches because of its practicality, toughness, lightness, and manliness.The most important details that make a field watch different from other watches are the stainless steel/titanium/PVD coated rugged design, the readability under low-light conditions, the canvas or leather bands for easily swapped out if damaged, no polished parts to avoid undesirable glare under sunlight.