The Best Automatic Watches in Skeleton in 2019

The "automatic" label, usually printed on the surface of the watch, refers to well-designed automatic skeleon watches, springs and rotating weight chains that keep it running. In contrast, quartz watches - running at the frequency of quartz minerals - are often looked down upon for their simpler movements. Imagine the difference compared to hand-made suits, compared to the shorts of fast fashion brands: they may all look good, but one of them represents the highest quality.

Almost all luxury watches made today are automatic skeleton watches , even though the technology was only introduced relatively recently. Originally, watches got their juice from the wearer manually turning the crown over and over: this tightened the spring inside the watch that sent its hands circling. To lessen the burden, watch inventors got creative.

Since then,automatic skeleton watches have become the standard for high-end timepieces, so that other technologies have followed, in order to catch up with the latest timing methods. In the end, it drove further innovation: in 1969, when it sparked Zenith, the TAG Heuer-Hamilton-Hamilton Group and Seiko owners were eager to put the chronograph into a watch with an automatic movement.

Automatic Watches in Skeleton