The Best Gold Automatic Watches You Can Buy In 2019

The gold watch is making a comeback. They always happen in high-level activities, but now you will see more and more people swaying gold as their everyday watch. Let's take a look at some affordable models of automatic watches to help you get started. But first, we need to solve some problems.

There are actually two kinds of gold watches: gold plated watches and solid gold watches. Gold plated watches are stainless steel watches that, through various different processes, have been coated with a thin layer of gold. Attack them hard with a steel scrubbing brush and you’ll get to the stainless beneath. Actual gold watches on the other hand, are gold all the way through. This obviously takes a lot more gold than just plating the outside of a watch so they cost a hell of a lot more. Although, even decent gold automatic watches don’t come for much less than a few hundred dollars.

Low price is obviously on a scale here, but at just under $300 the Reef Tiger is pretty damn affordable for an automatic gold watches. The Reef Tiger comes with everything else we’re looking for, and more. The hands, dial markings, case, and even the link bracelet are all gold plated—Seiko clearly hasn’t been skimping—and offset nicely by the black dial. It’s got a see through case back so you can see the automatic movement in action, a day/date display, and a power reserve of approximately 41 hours so, if you take it off for a day or two, it won’t stop.

Best Gold Automatic Watches